FAQs for NYC Applicants

What are the program benefits for NYC-based trainees?  

Benefits of our trainees include:

  • 12-month work and training placement at a New York City-based company or agency

  • Generous monthly stipend

  • Visa to work in London for 12-months

  • Medical insurance coverage

  • Unlimited MTA metrocard for NYC travel

  • Personal industry mentor for the duration of the program year

  • Smart phone with appropriate domestic plan for year

  • Professional support in NYC

  • Housing support in NYC ($1200 for first month’s rent covered by our program)

What is the age range of Global Marketing Exchange trainees?  

Although there isn't a specific age requirement, most GME trainees are between 23-29 years old. All applicants must have at least one year of relevant work experience to qualify for the program.

What countries can participate in the Global Marketing Exchange program?

The program is open to participants from all countries that have a J1 visa program agreement with the US.

Career impact

How will participation impact my career when I return to my home company?

Our program mission is to help trainees become better marketers, ultimately making them more employable at the end of their program year. Former trainees have told us that the program offered a huge career boost, in many cases leading to better paying, more interesting jobs upon their return home. 

Don't just take our word for it, check out these trainee stories to discover how a year in NYC prepared young executives for long-term success.

Is it possible to be hired in New York at the end of my trainee period?

Trainees J1 visas are specifically allocated for their GME-sponsored position, therefore trainees must leave the US on completion of their program. It is sometimes possible to extend your program to a maximum of 18 months depending on the individual and the host company organization.


Will I be paid as a GME trainee?

Yes, you will be paid a generous stipend by the GME program over the course of the year via monthly deposits to your US bank account.  Medical insurance, visa processing, mobile phone costs, and MTA travel card costs and other expenses also are covered by the program. 

Is it difficult to open a US bank account?

No. It's straightforward to open a US bank account on arrival in NYC.

How much money will I need to provide for my day-to-day living expenses?

Living in NYC on a stipend is not always easy, you will certainly need to budget. The biggest expense you will face is housing which can vary widely in NYC. GME offers to help finding housing and can recommend some options at different price points. The GME program will cover your first months rent on arrival in NYC (up-to a maximum of $1200)

Am I allowed to take a side job to help finance my day-to-day expenses?

No; this is forbidden by US law and contravenes your J1 visa status.


Does the GME program provide accommodation in NYC?

The program does not provide accommodation for trainees in NYC. However the program does provide $1200 for the first month’s housing in NYC, and offers support for trainees looking to find accommodation. One option in NYC is Common. They are a pioneer in shared housing with wonderful new homes in NYC, San Francisco and Washington DC. However, there are other more budget accommodation available and the GME team can help suggest additional options .



Will I have an industry mentor, and how is my mentor selected?

Yes; you will be matched with an mentor whose background best aligns with your GME assignment. We give consideration to each and every mentor match we make.

How many times will I meet with my mentor?

We hope that you will stay in regular contact with your mentor throughout your year on our program and beyond, and expect that you will meet face-to-face at least four times over the year at a minimum.

Support in NYC

What type of on-the-ground assistance does Global Marketing Exchange provide once I’m in New York City?

The GME team is dedicated to supporting you during your year in NYC.


What educational milestones are required to be considered?

To qualify as a GME candidate, you must meet one of the following criteria:

You must be currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a foreign degree-or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the United States; or

Have a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his or her occupational field outside the United States; or

Have five years of work experience outside the United States in the occupational field in which you are seeking training

How much previous work experience is required in order to be considered?

Most candidates typically have at least one year of work experience before they apply. Some relevant work experience is expected, even if it has been gained while a university student.


Is there a language requirement to participate?

Yes, you must be fluent in English to participate on the GME program. 

Work placements

How many hours a week will I be working?

You will typically work 40 hours a week, although some limited overtime may be required on occasion, depending on your specific placement and the particular company culture.&