From Manhattan to Brooklyn and beyond

GME trainee Eugenia Fortis shares her experience

I still vividly remember when I discovered GME with its catch phrase, “Do you want to live in New York?” When I applied for the program, I thought it was probably a very well orchestrated online scam ... but then I got the job offer, and nothing since that moment has ever been more real and exciting.

What can I say? My experience so far has been great:

I love Thomson Reuters and get on very well with my team. It’s quite an informal work environment, though people know what they have to achieve and are good at it! Despite being an intern, I’m given a lot of responsibility and respect, even participating in meetings with people in senior positions. As part of my corporate perks I went to the US Open, the Madonna “Rebel" tour, a New York Rangers game – and I’m going to Bahamas for our sales conference (which I’m helping plan)!

I love the city as there is always something to do and new areas to explore. I enjoy Manhattan and its bustling streets and tall buildings that make me feel like I'm living in a movie. On the other hand, I also like to escape in my quiet Brooklyn neighborhood, going to the market or strolling past the beautiful brownstone houses on Sunday mornings. I’m not going to lie, it’s an expensive city, and budgeting your money is very important ... though not having to think about housing, bills and transportation makes it a lot easier.

I love my friends. Many of them are interning in different companies in New York, so they share the same enthusiasm and are eager to explore the city. I thought that meeting people in such a big and alienating city would be more difficult, but if you put yourself out there and embrace the lifestyle it will come naturally.

GME has provided me with an opportunity to live and work in New York without needing to marry an American. I'm thankful that I randomly discovered the program and took a leap of faith in moving here ... it is definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone.