Former GME trainee Ginelle Appau, hired by her placement company, Vertic, in Copenhagen, returns to NYC

Ginelle Appau with current Vertic GME trainee, Strategic Planner Sandra Mai Pho Tu

Ginelle Appau had a great year in NYC as a GME trainee at Vertic, a small digital agency that services leading global brands. Working as an account manager at the company’s Soho, NYC office, she was hired full time at the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark at the end of her trainee year.

Sharing some of the highlights and learnings from her time in the Scandinavian country, she told us, “It was great learning a new culture, both professionally and personally. New York and London (where I come from) are much more similar, in my opinion. Thankfully, there was no language barrier, as the Danes are among the best non-native English speakers in the world – and Copenhagen has a sizeable expat community; you’ll cross paths with lots of Americans, Germans and many other cultures there. From a work perspective, the Danes are very non- hierarchical; it’s a different type of management style, where a young professional’s voice is just as important as the CEO’s. We also had catered lunches, where everyone – the CEO, managers, and interns – eats together, which provided a great way to get to know each other.

Ginelle enjoyed her time in Copenhagen and learning about a new culture both professionally and personally – but she always had an eye on returning to New York, and discussed it with her manager from the beginning. After a year and half, she has achieved her goal. The GME team is excited to have Ginelle back in the Big Apple and we look forward to seeing what she does next!