GME Alum Pierpaolo Maniglio named as Board Member of Circle of Young Intrapreneurs Leadership Team, New York Chapter

The Global Marketing Exchange team is excited that the very first participant of our program, Pierpaolo Maniglio, has joined the Circle of Young Intrapreneurs Leadership Team as Board Member of the New York Chapter. Pierpaolo, who was hired by Thomson Reuters in London as Global Lead of Social Media Marketing after his year on the GME program, now holds the role of Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Social Media Marketing for Reuters back here in NYC.

What is the Circle of Young Intraprenuers? As Pierpaolo described in a recent LinkedIn post, the organization is guided by a mantra of “Do Well, Do Good.” With almost 3000 members across 40+ countries, the Circle is, “Designed to inspire, guide, develop and deliver purpose-driven business ideas from young social intrapreneurs inside corporate organizations globally. It aims to drive positive social change through business by creating a community of change-makers, supporting them with mentoring and advice from leading intrapreneurs, encouraging pan-industry collaboration to solve shared societal challenges, and driving advocacy of the intrapreneurial agenda.”

Global Marketing Exchange is thrilled to help Pierpaolo achieve his primary goal of connecting as many inspired and positive thinkers from his trusted network in New York City – young change-makers – to #DoWellDoGood right now. And, this includes GME trainees. As he shared with us, GME brings the brightest young professionals to NYC; people who are passionate about growing their marketing careers, and want to make a global impact. GME trainees fit the Circle of Young Intrapreneurs’ profile, and I’m glad we’re able to involve and inspire like-minded individuals in our network to pursue business initiatives with a purpose.

We encourage you to attend the Circle’s upcoming event, a Digital Tools & Innovation Workshop, sponsored by BT, where you’ll learn how to leverage digital tools and data to drive intrapreneurial initiatives within your organization. Sign up now to join Pierpaolo and current GME trainees at the Circle’s upcoming event, taking place on Thursday, November 9, from 6-8pm at the offices of BT Americas Inc.

Want to know more about the Circle of Young Intrapreneurs? Check out the group’s official website, or feel free to contact Pierpaolo directly.