One month in, new GME trainee Gabriele Mazzacurati shares his thoughts on living and working in NYC

‘One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years’, Tom Wolfe said. My first month as a GME Trainee just went by, and there are no better words to express my feelings and emotions.

New York City made me feel at home since the first day I arrived. The city is vibrant, active, loud, and it constantly offers you great opportunities for personal and professional development. It is just up to you to get out there to catch those opportunities and make them yours.

At such a fast pace, you literally feel time flies by. When I look back over the last month, I understand why New Yorkers believe their city grows you much faster than any other city in the world.

Within a short walking distance and just around the corner of a street you can find a different neighborhood with a different international community offering multi-cultural experiences such as typical restaurants, shops, and cafes.

As a GME Trainee, I joined a small-sized yet successful strategic digital agency, Vertic, dedicated to providing Fortune 500 companies with groundbreaking solutions within the digital space. In my role as Insights Planner, I’m getting a great exposure and received level responsibility from day one. It’s a fun environment and highly skilled colleagues make every day I spend at work a joyful and tremendous lifetime experience.

I am falling in love with NYC day by day and I am really glad to have joined the GME Program.

However, I hope the best has yet to come!

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